Fight Viral Proteins with Protein Inhibitors Proactive vs Reactive Solutions

EJ Ledet

Why turn to reactive solutions? Why not turn to proactive, preventative solutions ?

Prevent viral protein infections and cancer in humans using viral protein inhibitors and also end viral mutations in human hosts.

Think outside the “vaccine solution box”.

Viral proteins like Spike infect human ACE-2 Receptor enzyme/proteins. HPV virus which causes cancer in humans , as well as HIV and several other viruses, and most liver, breast, and colon cancers may also be inhibited using protease inhibitors.

Proactively develop viral protein spike inhibitors which prevent entry into human ACE-2 enzyme receptors; use protease inhibitors to mitigate other cancer/tumor proteins.

Fight viral Proteins with other biologically derived ( plants, fungi, bacteria, phage, etc.) protein inhibitors ( flavonoids, polyphenols, etc.) which inhibit spike protein RBDs and/or prevent viral Protein entry into cell doorways .

EJ Ledet

Retired Biochemist

PubMed/NIH articles on protease inhibitors to fight SARS-COV-2

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Protease Enzymes to Fight Cancer

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Liver , Breast, Colon Cancer – Protease Inhibitors – PubMed/NIH Articles

My spreadsheet on Liver Cancer Therapeutics

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