Wakeup Sheeple!

Ignorance is a most wonderful thing.

It facilitates magic.

It allows the masses to be led.

It provides answers when there are none.

It allows happiness in the presence of danger.

All this while the pursuit of knowledge can only destroy the illusion.

Is it any wonder mankind chooses ignorance?


Our mission is to share how to be a better problem-solver, in the hope that the reader will become better informed and thus not blindly follow power hungry politicians whose only goal is control. We will do this by applying our investigation and problem-solving skills to shed light on the many false narratives our politicians and their mouthpieces, the corporate media spew out daily. By fact checking their many narratives, we try to expose their underlying agenda or at least call it into question when warranted. Please explore our Reports and Blog to learn more and download our free Products to help get the word out.


We will use the principles of causation to define the reality of any given event, story, or problem. By clearly defining the situation and understanding all the evidenced-based causal relationships we provide a better understanding of reality. Fact checking is performed using the standard meta-analysis method common to scientific research where all perspectives are assiduously analyzed. We invite all visitors to this website to provide comments and add their reality to our understanding so we can create a common reality that provides unity instead of the division our politicians seek. Your opinion is welcome; we simply ask that all declaratory statements include principle-based causal relationships supported by evidence. No blathering please. And remember the free exchange of ideas is at the core of all successful societies.


Effective thinking requires adherence to four fundamental principles: causal thinking, responsibility, honesty, and cooperation as defined by the Golden Rule. Inherent to these four fundamental principles, is humility, which we strive to attain by creating a common reality using your understanding of the situation. So, please contribute your thoughts in the Blog or contact us to post an enlightening paper you wrote. Thank You!