THE DANGERS OF THE COVID 19 VACCINE REPORT NIC and CDC Protocols ARE Causing More COVID Deaths then Covid Alone!!! Prepared by Dr. Bryan Ardis

If You Have COVID: Why You Should NOT go to a HOSPITAL,and what you should ASK for if you are admitted to a hospital and have tested Positive for COVID! How to Prevent and Protect You and Your Loved Ones from COVID and Proven Protocols, One Medical and One Natural!Did you know that Medical DoctorsContinue reading “THE DANGERS OF THE COVID 19 VACCINE REPORT NIC and CDC Protocols ARE Causing More COVID Deaths then Covid Alone!!! Prepared by Dr. Bryan Ardis”

Zinc, Iodine, and Other Essential Micronutrients

We are more optimistic that zinc + ionophore, be it a synthetic drug or natural supplement like Vitamin D, ECGC, etc., inhibits most respiratory viruses (cold, flu, Corona viruses) by blocking critical viral enzymes which prevent further viral reproduction. Fauci and peers were reported to have isolated an enzyme( protein) which inhibits HIV. There isContinue reading “Zinc, Iodine, and Other Essential Micronutrients”

Iodine is a Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal Killer

In the beginning of 2017, nearly three dozen people in the United States have been diagnosed with a deadly and highly drug-resistant fungal infection that has been rapidly spreading around the world. The fungus is a strain of a kind of yeast known as Candida auris. Unlike garden-variety yeast infections, this one causes serious bloodstreamContinue reading “Iodine is a Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal Killer”

The Truth About Covid 19 Vaccines

Dr Simone Gold- The Truth About Covid 19 Vaccination. Experimental mRNA vaccines. Are they necessary? See what this MD, JD has to say about CoV19 vaccines then you decide. By the way HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, etc. are drugs which transport blood serum Zinc and are found in the Zinc20 pharmaceutical database containing 2 Billion ZincContinue reading “The Truth About Covid 19 Vaccines”

COVID-19 Vaccines and How They Work

By E.J. Ledet & Dean l. Gano; 12/17/2020 The traditional vaccine approach is to develop antibodies which attack a protein on the virus which is critical for virus entry into human cells and thus stop infection. This solution has been partially effective with vaccine effectiveness (VE) of 10-40%. The reason for the low effectiveness isContinue reading “COVID-19 Vaccines and How They Work”

CV19- Supplements, Drugs, Ionophores, Zinc, Immunity, Hypothesis, Solutions

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a retired Biochemist/Chemist, who spent 40+ years practicing my profession and have recently applied my knowledge in Causal Analysis investigation, research (authored 150+ internal publications) and ISO 17025 process and method auditing to better understanding the COVID-19 virus and associated detection methodology. I would like to share with you whatContinue reading “CV19- Supplements, Drugs, Ionophores, Zinc, Immunity, Hypothesis, Solutions”

CoV19 Testing Problems, Significance, and Proposed Solutions

CoV 19 Testing – Current Problems From a QA/QC chemist/biochemist perspective , I too have been following expressed concerns about the quality, precision ( repeatability/reproducibility at 95% confidence limits) and accuracy ( little to no round robin testing on known and unknown samples, standardized test procedure – do we have one or many different manufacturedContinue reading “CoV19 Testing Problems, Significance, and Proposed Solutions”

Remdesivir Facts

From: Enoch J Ledet <>Date: August 17, 2020 at 8:18:57 AM PDT Subject: Facts about Remdesivir Respected MDs and PhD researchers We believe that : Remdesivir is a Ligand according to Pharmacolgy Database, IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology Remdesivir is listed as a ligand. Which in Chemistry is an ion or molecule attached to a metal atom byContinue reading “Remdesivir Facts”