CV19 Testing Availability Precision Accuracy Reliability of the Test Result

Hi Reader,
I empathize with you and others about finding , scheduling , reliable testing locations.

However , you and others may not be aware of problems associated with the positive or negative results associated with the various test methods.

I’m a retired biochemist/chemist/Quality Assurance Manager and because of my background/experience in Quality Assurance testing protocols and ISO testing /auditing requirements , I’m giving you a brief perspective of the concerns I have based upon what I have read from various instrument manufacturer and FDA documents:

Probability based upon assumptions and formulas?

If PCR tests are not standardized with real SARS-COV-2 virus, with 25 replications , with specimen collection performed in the same manner , without any intra or inter laboratory studies to determine repeatability and reproducibility ( precision) nor participation in round robin studies to determine accuracy nor have a regulatory, oversight committee to check /review that each participating lab follows testing protocols/guidelines and reports results with determined errors ( variability +-) for a positive vs negative test result , than the entire PCR test and results are in question!

Where is lab certification for the millions of tests performed to date? How does one believe any test result?

A test result represents a moment in time. If a person tests negative at 12:00 PM they could test positive at 12:01 PM if they are exposed with enough virus RNA to be detected within 25 replications.

New Home 15 -30 min Tests? Testing is now going from labs to the home. What a waist of time and money.

Confidence , reliability , security? So if you accept the Gov’s offer of 4 free home tests which is tracked by USPS
What does that mean/imply?

Does Big Brother follow-up to see if your household has used the tests to see if your results are + or -?

Again what is the significance/reliability of a + vs -, assuming you or I follow the instructions and sample, collect,deposit, dissolve, the bits of RNA from live/dead virus collected from nostrils/mouths from family members living in same house?

From CDC/instrument manufacturers:

“Rapid tests generally are not as accurate when you have no symptoms, but they can still detect COVID in about half of all cases”.

So let’s think about this. If you get a positive or negative test result using the rapid antigen test method and you don’t have symptoms, the result is + or – 50%. Gee I can obtain that same result by flipping a coin.

So unless you have CV19 symptoms, don’t get tested.

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Retired Biochemist with over 40 years of problem solving experience in oil, environmental, and toxicology.

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