Zinc and Krebs Cycle fight RNA viruses and Cancer

Cancer cells are anaerobic. They do not use the Krebs cycle and therefore do not require/use zinc like aerobic cells, organisms/mammals /man do.

Details • The Krebs cycle generates energy in every cell. Zinc bound to the five organic acids that drive the cycle is thought to be highly bioavailable because the acids are needed to support energy production & life itself.

Krebs Cycle Acids plus Zinc

What is the purpose of Krebs Zinc?

Krebs Zinc purpose is to generate energy in the form of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). Since each cell must generate its own energy every moment that you are alive, there is a great and constant demand for the organic acids used in the Krebs cycle. Therefore, minerals bound to them are more readily absorbed in the gut, transported through the blood, delivered to the cells and utilized.

WE can purchase zinc bound to these Krebs Cycle organic acids ( see acids in the above circle ) from Amazon . These acids are also zinc ionophores/ligands  and listed in Zinc20 pharmaceutical database funded by a subsidiary of NIH. They help  produce energy in  mitochondria which are also absent in cancer cells and viruses. 

Vibrant Health, Krebs Zinc, Immune, Bone and Cellular Health Formula, 60 Capsules

Recall man’s body normally uses zip proteins to transport zinc into cells. Zinc is toxic to RNA viruses since it interferes with replicase enzymes which are critical to viruses. Zinc also interferes with Reactive Oxygen Species ( ROS) which cause inflammatory, immunosuppressive diseases and cancer.

Antioxidant vitamins ( C,D, E, A) ,NAC/ Glutathione prevent/scavenge  ROS and all are in Zinc 20, zinc ionophores/ligands. 

Krebs Cycle and CLL


Zinc Oxygen and Cancer








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