Pfizer and Merck’s New Antiviral CV19 Pills

My recent letters to prominent MD/PhDs

Subject:PAXLOVID and Molnupiravir – Pfizer and Merck’s New Covid 19 Pills

Pfizer’s pill, Paxlovid, and Merck’s molnupiravir are intended for higher-risk people who test positive for the coronavirus.

Couldn’t they also be used as a prophylaxis since they have to be administered in the first 3-5 days of viral infection? Too cost prohibitive compared to other nutraceuticals and repurposed drugs plus zinc?

The treatments, in which patients take a series of pills at home over several days, could ease the burden on stretched hospitals with infections poised to soar through the winter in the U.S.

I’ve reviewed both Paxlovid , nirmatrelvir, a synthetic protease enzyme inhibitor. Nirmatrelvir is a covalent inhibitor, binding directly to the catalytic cysteine (Cys145) residueof the cysteine protease enzyme.[24]

Used in combination with another zinc synthetic ionophore drug ( Ritonavir) –
Ritonavir = Norvir in Zinc Pharmaceutical Database

Hmm, let’s see : a protein inhibitor which requires zinc, a metal enzyme cofactor and Ritonavir another zinc ionophore drug.

Big Pharma (BP) doesn’t say anything about the importance of blood serum zinc as being what Dr Zev Zelenko calls “the magic bullet” for mitigating CV19 disease.

Molnupiravir  is similar in organic structure and biochemical action to Remdesivir and Adenosine which are both zinc ligand/ ionophore drugs.

My updated Zinc ionophore spreadsheet

Again BP does not tell us that these therapeutics require blood serum zinc to be effective against CV19 disease. Why not? Perhaps it’s because Zinc is not a synthetic drug and can’t be sold or mentioned as an essential cofactor /element of drug action?

Hypothesis: Zinc can be considered as a co-enzyme/metal co factor, essential for antiviral prevention, inhibition, and replication

In the human body, zinc is required for enzyme/protein activation. If the SARS-COV-2 virus produces it own protease enzymes without zinc, which prevent / inhibit the body’s protein zinc ionophores ( ZNT and Zip proteins) from delivering the human body’s zinc co-enzyme activator and zinc as an essential protein structural conformational element, than this virus’ spike protein is able to penetrate and bind to the body’s ACE-2 enzyme receptor ( ACE-2 requires zinc to stabilize its original conformation/structure. Without zinc the ACE-2 confirmation/structure collapses).

Zinc is essential to immune defense and is an antiviral agent.

If other natural or synthetic, non protein zinc ionophores, like quercetin or Vitamins or HCQ/IVM , Remdesivir, Molnupiravir and/or cysteine protease inhibitors like Paxlovid or natural plant protein /enzyme supplement inhibitors ( papain, bromelain, Immune AV, Protease IFC) which all require blood serum zinc as a metal co factor for maximum activity are used in combination with zinc supplementation, we won’t require synthetic mRNA jabs/boosters which overproduce spike glycoproteins to produce MNABs which are specific to initial viral spikes; we prevent viral infection and eliminate viral mutation.

Transformation Enzyme Company Supplements

Due to EAU protocols, long-term studies have not been done on lab animals and ADE ( antibody dependent enhancement studies not determined) to predict possible longterm health issues like Inflammatory Thrombotic Response (ITR) ( heart , brain , blood vessel clots – which we began seeing as adverse side effects after vaccination) and auto immune diseases ( ALS, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, etc).

The Best Defense against pathogenic infections is a Proactive immune system Offense. Supplementation is key to fortifying your immune system.

Zinc Deficiencies and Causes

Zinc Biochemistry: From aSingle Zinc Enzyme to a KeyElement of Life

Essential Oils from Herbs/Plants are anti pathogenic /antiviral agents. They are also listed in the Zinc pharmaceutical database as ligand/ionophores

EJ Ledet

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