Zinc, Iodine, and Other Essential Micronutrients

We are more optimistic that zinc + ionophore, be it a synthetic drug or natural supplement like Vitamin D, ECGC, etc., inhibits most respiratory viruses (cold, flu, Corona viruses) by blocking critical viral enzymes which prevent further viral reproduction.

Fauci and peers were reported to have isolated an enzyme( protein) which inhibits HIV. There is also data which suggests HPV ( human papilloma virus) inhibits ZNT ( zinc transporters, zip metallo proteins) . HPV causes cancer.

From what we’ve read and/or reported on so far , micronutrients like Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, etc are critical to our immune system. Deficiencies in these micronutrients can lead to inflammation, pathogen infections, and most cancers.

Man’s agricultural practices, modern day diets, environmental exposures, and use of oxidizer bleaches ( HOBr, HOF, HOCl, OSCN) which are present in wheat flour, in carbonated soft drinks, in
in drinking water disinfectants , in anti cavity toothpastes, in household cleaners, and thiocyanates as OSCN- exposure in tobacco smoke replace iodide/iodine as the essential halide/halogen micronutrient for regulation of our thyroid and other essential human hormones as well as regulation of our immune system.

There is much to be learned/discovered about the inter relationships/dependencies of these micronutrients impact on our health and immunity.

Most synthetic drugs can be found in the Zinc15 now Zinc 20 Pharmaceutical Database. ( over2 billion compounds for sale).

All natural and synthetic organic compounds found in this database are classified as “ ligands” they bind and carry metals like Zinc. These zinc ligand ionophores transport blood serum zinc and mitigate most viral infections. There are numerous references in Pub Med..

Big Pharma exploits use of synthetic alternatives which give rise to many adverse side effects . BP never admits that these ligand drugs utilize the body’s natural supply of metals like zinc, calcium, etc. to illicit a positive immune response because they can’t sell natural micronutrients but only their synthetic drugs.

KI (potassium iodide) in toothpaste vs sodium fluoride as an anti cavity/anti pathogen agent

Perhaps but KI taste would be an issue. You know our parents used good old baking soda, which enriches O2 to fight bacteria and cavities and is still sold as Arm and Hammer Tooth Paste.

Maybe a spearmint flavored KI, sodium bicarbonate and selenium toothpaste?

Iodide/iodine was used as a bleaching agent in wheat flour before bromine.

I’ll bet KI or NaI are more expensive than NaBr, NaHOCl, NaF but the ROI in health and immunity would outweigh cost.

Unfortunately, there is medical misinformation on use of iodine/iodide in concentrations above RDA. We know that Japanese and Koreans consume Kelp/Seaweed which has 100 x RDA and these populations experience better health and longevity than US population.

Wonder if we could convince P&G (Procter and Gamble) to start using KI in toothpastes, household laundry products, bleached flour, soft drinks, bottle water sport drinks. And talk to our drinking water officials to use KI instead of NaHOCl to prevent formation of carcinogenic disinfectant by products (DBPs) like trihalomethanes (THMs) and halo acetic acids ( HAAs).

Iodine/iodide is used in Morton Salt.

We need more Iodine in our diets and less toxic environmental exposure – so why not?

EJ Ledet and Dean Gano

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Retired Biochemist with over 40 years of problem solving experience in oil, environmental, and toxicology.

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