The Truth About Covid 19 Vaccines

Dr Simone Gold- The Truth About Covid 19 Vaccination. Experimental mRNA vaccines. Are they necessary? See what this MD, JD has to say about CoV19 vaccines then you decide.

By the way HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, etc. are drugs which transport blood serum Zinc and are found in the Zinc20 pharmaceutical database containing 2 Billion Zinc transporter drugs. Big Pharma does not tell you and I that they transport zinc because they can’t sell Zinc but only synthetic drugs. Zinc is the curative agent. The effectiveness of these zinc transpoters could be dramatically improved if they were administered with supplemental zinc just like HCQ + Zinc.

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Retired Biochemist with over 40 years of problem solving experience in oil, environmental, and toxicology.

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