Remdesivir Facts

From: Enoch J Ledet <>
Date: August 17, 2020 at 8:18:57 AM PDT

Subject: Facts about Remdesivir

Respected MDs and PhD researchers

We believe that :

Remdesivir is a Ligand according to Pharmacolgy Database, IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology

Remdesivir is listed as a ligand. Which in Chemistry is an ion or molecule attached to a metal atom by coordinate bonding. In biochemistry it is defined as a molecule that binds to another (usually larger) molecule. (Wikipedia)

According to the Protein Data Bank Reaction ( Zinc Binding Groups are important for the inhibition of enzymes. Reactive groups in order: carboxylates, sulfonamides, hydroxymate (R-OH), phosphonate/phosphate. 

Here is the Zinc15 Database Ligands Spreadsheet:

The 4 carbon sugar of Adenosine, Adenosine Mono,Di, and Tri Phosphate, all homologues of Remedesivir and its metabolite GS 441524 5 – triphosphate  are all ligands. Adenosine and its 3 homologues are also listed in the Zinc 15 Ligand database ( funded by NIH(NIGMS).

Perhaps, the clinical trial effectiveness of Remdesivir could be greatly improved if it were also administered with zinc as it’s two less expensive drug competitors, Zinc15 ligand/ionophores, Chloroquine (CQ) and Hydroxychloriquine (HCQ), and/or it’s natural polyphenol ligand/ionophores Quercetin, Resveratrol, Curcumin, ECG are when administers with zinc to boost the immune system to help fight infection against CoV19, Corona, and other respiratory viruses.

Zinc Ionophores

Zn+2 is attached to hydroxyl OH groups on above organic structures via coordinate bonding (ligand ionophore definition).

Bottomline; we believe that HCQ is in direct competition with Remdesivir and that Gilead, Big Pharma has put a lot of $$ pressure on MDs, Medical Journals, Press, Academia, NIH, CDC to discredit HCQ after 65 yrs of safe use as a malaria drug and 40 years of safe use to treat lupus and some forms of arthritis. 

Gilead contributes $$$ to the income of 20% of NIH Board MDs and Fauci heads NIH. Gilead also funds a great deal of $$$ to Academia Medical research and $$ to Medical journal publishers. The Zinc15 Ligand database, a database containing 230 million zinc ligand/ionophores for sale as potential drugs to various pharmaceutical companies and has 750 million viewable zinc ionophores is funded by NIH of which Fauci is the head.

Our recent sleuthing into Remdesivir using the Pharmacology Database and comparing homologue/analogue organic structure similarities for binding sites of zinc, show that Remdesivir is also a zinc ligand/ionophore (carrier molecule).

 Gilead has not shared that information with the public but we’re quite sure that Gilead Pharmacology Chemists are very aware that Remdesivir is a ligand ionophore for zinc and can help transport zinc across cell membranes to interfere with viral RNA RdRp enzyme and prevent further virion reproduction just like its HCQ inexpensive competitor. 

Gilead synthesized Remdesivir so that it mimics ATP which is critical for RNA synthesis. Since Remdesivir’s organic structure is slightly different from ATP, incorporation of its biological transformed homologue or its synthetic structure depicted below by the virus interrupts RNA transcription and produces pieces of viral RNA which cannot be reassembled to make new viruses.


We believe that Gilead is not promoting/touting Remdesivir as a zinc ionophore because its afraid of losing out to HCQ which is one hundred times less expensive since HCQ patent ran out many years ago and is currently produced by 12 different pharmacology labs in India. 

Gilead has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in research/marketing/propaganda, and Gilead stands to lose Billions in sales as one 5 day treatment costs $2,340.

Remdesivir, Adenosine, ATP, and Quercetin contain hydroxylate (C-OH) groups to bind Zinc. All are ligands/ionophores of Zinc. Let’s compare costs:

HCQ + Zinc + Doxycycline for a 5-7 day course = $25 – $30.

Quercetin + Vitamins C, D, E + Melatonin (Theravir Supplement) for 5 – 7 days = $5.40

Remdesivir for 5 day treatment = $2,340

Your thoughts?


EJ Ledet

Biochemist – Product Assurance LLC

Bellingham WA

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