COVID-19 and Real Science

The hottest topic in politics and medicine today is COVID-19. Within this narrative there seems to be a recurring discussion about “Real Science,” and what it is or is not. To better understand this and get politics out of the way, we take a look at what defines science and politics, and then use theContinue reading “COVID-19 and Real Science”

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) Governor Inslee’s Illegal COVID-19 Orders

By Dean L. Gano  11/25/2020 The Washington State governor’s orders are illegal on several fronts. First, he has no right as a Governor to write laws. His job is to enforce the laws our elected congress passes. Secondly, the act of locking someone down, be it a business or a person, aside from being unprecedented,Continue reading “FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) Governor Inslee’s Illegal COVID-19 Orders”