Why are some people asymptomatic? Hypothesis

Wikipedia Definition of Asymptomatic Carrier


Wiki Excerpt with virus addition:

A better understanding of asymptomatic disease carriers is crucial to the fields of medicine and public health as they work towards mitigating the spread of common infectious diseases.

Instead of eliciting an inflammatory response from the attack cells, the bacterium or virus is able to convert them into an anti-inflammatory macrophage, allowing for optimal survival conditions. In the words of lead scientist Dr. Monack, “It wasn’t that inflammatory macrophages were invulnerable to infection, but rather that, having infected a macrophage, S. typhimurium was much more able to replicate in the anti-inflammatory type”. 

Suggestion/Proposal-Hypothesis Based upon excerpt 

Maybe the scientific researchers should be examining the COVID-19 virus genome to locate a gene which allows this virus to be both inflammatory (causing disease expression) and anti inflammatory (hiding gene inflammatory expression).

What triggers the expression or hides the expression in this gene or in the host?

Possible Scenario – Nutrition/Health of Host (Zinc as example)

What if blood serum zinc availability and zip protein ionophores are in sufficient concentration /availability to continue normal cell function. If the cytoplasm in primary organ tissue/cells and prevent viral expression /take over of those human host cells. So the body prevents or inhibits  viral RNA transfer through ACE 2 receptors. Or prevents RT enzyme via blood serum zinc. If the virus can not effectively infect the host primary organ tissue/cells in asymptomatic carriers, virion particles are exhaled from  nasopharyngeal cavity and minor infection in lungs and passed on to susceptible humans where the virion infects/transfers RNA because that host has insufficient blood serum zinc and/or zip protein ionophores.

Asymptomatic carriers do not display typical inflammatory symptoms because viral expression/replication is suppressed/inhibited  either by the virus genome and/or by host immunity (no underlying conditions /disease and proper nutrition/health). 

Some  initial viral replication may occur in the nasopharyngeal/lung  but is suppressed/inhibited in the lower respiratory tract and in other major tissues/organs.

Thus as the asymptomatic host exhales, virion particles are carried by micro aerosol droplets and form invisible gaseous clouds in closed rooms and are carried by air currents/turbulence and can remain suspended in room air for extended periods (hrs) of time.


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