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I am a retired Biochemist/Chemist, who spent 40+ years practicing my profession and have recently applied my knowledge in Causal Analysis investigation, research (authored 150+ internal publications) and ISO 17025 process and method auditing to better understanding the COVID-19 virus and associated detection methodology. I would like to share with you what I discovered because it is being debated by MDs, Medical Researchers, Big Pharma, and Natural Homeopathic Healthcare providers all over this world and we need some clarification.

Natural Supplements

In the following article, Bill Sardi of provides some insights into an article:

Modern Medicine Knew of Zinc Cure for Coronavirus Infections A Decade Ago but Failed to Put into Practice .This article presents information on natural supplement therapies which support the immune system and fight viral infection. This information was available over a decade ago, but Mr. Sardi suggests Big Pharma suppressed this information because natural supplements cannot be patented.

If this can be verified via approved FDA testing protocols, these natural supplement therapies may have helped millions of infected patients recover versus hundreds of thousands who died. Big Pharma’s actions would appear to be criminal. Please help me understand how we can validate these claims and then make sure the public knows about it.

Synthetic Drugs  Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

An Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients,suggest that HCQ interferes with viral infections with or without zinc by preventing virus connection to human host and preventing viral RNA transfer into human cell cytoplasm. Most of the data concerns use of HCQ for treatment, but one study included, used the medication as prophylaxis with excellent results.

This report does not recognize or identify HCQ as a zinc ionophore, which is a carrier molecule that helps open the door to human cells and allow the zinc inside. Again, like Big Pharma, the emphasis is placed upon the synthetic drug HCQ and not upon the importance of zinc as the antiviral RNA reverse transcriptase (RT) enzyme inhibitor nor the importance of zinc as one of the body’s essential Immune regulators. I believe the only reason HCQ helped was because those who improved already had ample amounts of blood serum zinc.

Again, it is not like this is some new thing, the effects of the chloroquine’s were first outlined 15 years ago by the CDC’s own Special Pathogens Unit. Also, based on 21 peer reviewed studies from January to April 20, 2020: The HCQ – Azithromycin combination, when started immediately after diagnosis, appears to be a safe and efficient treatment for COVID-19, with a mortality rate of 0.5%, in elderly patients. It avoids worsening and clears virus persistence and contagious infectivity in most cases.

Another study by New York University (NYU) uses a combination of Zinc plus HCQ plus azithromycin (Z-pak antibiotic) and demonstrates the effectiveness of zinc plus HCQ ionophore in treating patients infected with COVID-19. Other FDA HCQ studies have shown that HCQ can cause arrhythmia in some patients who have heart conditions and may lead to death if administered by non-medical health care professionals.

Again, Big Pharma promotes the use of synthetic, man-made drug ionophore (HCQ) plus Zinc plus use of another synthetic drug, antibiotic azithromycin to fight viral and secondary lung pneumonia like infections; but is there an easier way?

Medicine and Big Pharma

The medical and pharmaceutical industries need to recognize and promote the importance of zinc which is essential to human Immune regulation. However, zinc needs ionophores (transporter molecules) to be transported across cell membranes into cellular cytoplasm for DNA/RNA synthesis and immune regulation.

The human body uses metalloproteins, zinc – Zip proteins/enzymes/ionophores to deliver zinc across various organ cell membranes for DNA/RNA synthesis. Zinc is involved in over 300 regulatory protein/enzyme reactions in the body, one being Immune response/defense.

Hypothesis: How CV19 attacks our immune system

Based on my professional biochemistry and causal analysis experience this author believes that COVID-19 inhibits or interferes with the body’s transport of zinc and/or its zip protein Ionophores to prevent or inhibit zinc from crossing infected cell membranes. But Zinc concentration in blood serum is also an essential/critical factor for immune defense/response. Zinc deficiencies caused by diet, gut flora issues, pre-existing inflammatory and/or immunosuppressive diseases may also be part of the cause and effect reality associated with this pandemic infection.

A logical deduction, derived from research of the literature, examining the symptoms of infected COVID-19 patients, and reviewing immune deficiency common causes, led me to hypothesize that this virus may manufacture a proteolytic enzyme which inhibits or interferes with  the human zip protein Ionophores which  transport zinc across organ cell membranes, thus causing zinc deficiencies in infected patients and resulting in immune response suppression and associated/observed lung, heart, kidney, brain Stroke, blood vessel, cytokine storm, Kawasaki Disease symptoms and death in some patients with pre-existing zinc deficiencies (i.e., elderly, cycle cell genetically inherited anemia Afro-Americans, fetal alcohol syndrome genetically inherited  Native Americans) and those with other preexisting, underlying inflammatory and/or immunosuppressive diseases.

The overall frequency of zinc deficiency worldwide is estimated to be higher than 20% ( 20% x 7 Billion people = 1.4 Billion people.)

“Knowledge about the molecular mechanisms in zinc-regulated immune reactions is growing and inherited disorders such as Acrodermatitis Enteropathica, as well as nutrition-related immunological malfunctions observed in the elderly, can be treated by appropriate zinc administration. Thus, zinc can be seen as potential therapeutic for clinical use to influence beneficially the well-being of patient’s suffering from immune diseases. However, to completely understand the complex-regulated zinc-triggered immunoreactions, more research will be necessary.”

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Influence of zinc status on the overall immune function. Adequate zinc homeostasis is essential for a well-functioning immune system. Zinc deficiency as well as zinc excess lead to malfunction of the adaptive and innate immune system, eventually resulting in the development of numerous immune diseases.

What about those individuals who don’t know that they have pre-existing, underlying conditions because they have not been diagnosed by an MD and/or can’t afford medical insurance? Is analyzing Blood serum zinc alkaline phosphatase a possible bio marker solution for determining/assessing /predicting immune defense via zinc deficiencies against CV19 and other Inflammatory/immunosuppressive diseases? In light of precision and accuracy issues surrounding the current PCR-RNA and Antibody IgG test results, and lack of QA oversight of these tests, maybe we should find out? Blood serum zinc analysis has been shown to be a potential biomarker for immune response.

Possible Solutions:  ZINC + Non-Protein Ionophore to treat/mitigate Viral and Immune infections

Since the body’s zip proteins are critical to transporting zinc and are /maybe inhibited by this virus, one possible solution is to use “non-protein” ionophores plus zinc to transport zinc across infected human cell membranes to inhibit virus RT enzyme and thus prevent virion reproduction.

HCQ, Pyrithione, and other synthetic/man made drugs, non-protein, zinc ionophores/ligand/chelators plus blood serum zinc and/or supplemental zinc are possible anti-viral /anti -cancer drug solutions. There are 230 million zinc ligands available for sale and evaluation.

Another possible preventative solution is to supplement naturally occurring Quercetin, Resveratrol, ECGC, Curcumin polyphenol flavonoid non protein, zinc ionophores plus blood serum zinc and/or supplemental zinc as prophylactic  therapies which fortify the immune system to mitigate viral infection. This is important because we have to wait for development, testing, and implementation of anti-viral drugs, convalescent antibody therapies, and effective vaccination therapies, especially when this virus, like all viruses will continue to mutate.

Researchers are continuing to evaluate new viral genome therapies which may prevent viral RNA from taking over the human cell biochemistry which affects immune defense/response. Geneticist, virologist, and immunologists are investigating the virus genome to identify the gene(s) responsible in an attempt to implement suppression or inhibition solutions.

A new natural supplement has been developed and is currently being marketed. This supplement incorporates what we have learned above and combines natural ingredients into two capsules/day to strengthen/fortify our immune system to fight viral infection and other zinc deficiency related immune infections.

It’s called Virocin.

For more information, see my other COVID-19 articles and Resource References to date.

Please help me find answers to the important questions I have raised in this letter. Stay safe, Know and Avoid the Risks, Act Responsibly, and take supplements to strengthen your immune system.


EJ Ledet

Product Assurance LLC

Bellingham WA

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